HPF-SPIDERnet Framework



The "Simplified Platform Independent Data Exchange Relay network" acts as a future-oriented, flexible and efficient communication network for any desired number of automation components.

Thinking of a complex automation, you certainly will be able to identify many sub-functions in such a system. Some of them are common, others may be very specific. Common general functions are for example messaging services like e-mail or SMS, or hardware interfaces for generic signal inputs and outputs.

If you would use a classical automation structure with a customized control application running on only one master computer, it may easily happen that you reach a point where the efficiency of the master computer comes to its limits.


SPIDERnet is the solution for that and other problems.


SPIDERnet seizes the idea of a distributed automation, based on intelligent modules, to perform specific tasks. With SPIDERnet you finally have a communication platform where the individual modules interchange data thorugh a uniform high-performance language to synchronize their temporal task completion.

SPIDERnet allows you to distribute these modules on multible computers and, if you want, on other platforms like Mac, Windows, PLC. In this way you solve several problems at once. On the one hand the relevant tasks are performed on the optimal platform and on the other hand the lack of performance will become a thing of the past.

SPIDERnet uses the TCP/IP protocol for data exchange incorporating one of the world's most common and supported communication protocol. It means you can revert to existing infrastructure such as your corporate network or the internet, negating the need for constructing expensive and proprietary communication infrastructures.

It is your choice where you want to distribute your sub modules on the network. You can continue to operate on a master computer or you can distribute your performance of function on PCs all over the world.


Start today to conquer the new world of automation. We will give the necessary tools and support you step by step to realize your vision.