The universal, optionally remote controllable, open strip chart recorder for the recording of any SPIDERnet® channels. Record data of all kinds of sources and sampling rates whether it is for the purpose of laboratory measurements or long-term recording in automation systems.

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DAQ Manager  

The management of all DAQ configurations in a central spot. With the DAQ Manager you can create, change, save and delete configurations for the DAQ-Units or visualize them via live view.

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Freely configurable analog and digital I/O channel sampling rates up to 1 kHz with an unbeatable low priced DAQ hardware.

With the LabJack-Link, you can connect a freely available LabJack-UE9 of the company LabJack an to SPIDERnet.

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The free all-in-one debug and simulation tool for the programmer and the user. Connect yourself through the network to a SPIDERnet server and browse, log and change you SPIDERnet variables.

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The completely web-based visualization solution for your automation.

Experience the intuitive operation and the breath-taking opportunities in the web browser of your choice.

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